Chante Cocotte

Our winner is Chante Cocotte, a Merlot grape.

In traditional vintner language, we’d show off technical terms. Trees being pruned this way, fruits harvested that way, in crates, sorted straight by the tree, then flat, kept in the fermenting room for x days, cap-puched everyday, barrels made of shooks, shooks from such wood, wood from such forest… All this to convince you we did it to perfection.But we believe in lucky stars, and if every step of the process has been made with the greatest care and love, we’d rather tell you that we’ve been observing the lunar calendar, the transfixing moon. With Jean P. Cousinié, soil expert, we kept an eye on our plants too, and followed the evolution of our wine with the oenologist Claude Gros.

And that is probably because Mr. Bernard talks to the crates, calling them his sweethearts when he enters the cellar that he famously makes such wonders. Mr. Robert, our ‘”chef de culture” outside in the vineyard all year long, cuddling foliage in summer and checking the soil daily in winter raises the vines with as much love. Maybe here are a few reasons why Chante Cocotte is unique.

Chante Cocotte 2016 & 2017 are still in barrels