In 2007, almost by accident, the ferme de Montaquoy acquires a plot of land at the foot of the Alaric mountain (Bas Languedoc), a stone’s throw away from the village of Fontcouverte. There in the middle stands a hovel, its façade reads 1783, the year it was built in. The house is surrounded by 1,3 acres of vineyard enclosed by high stone walls. On the 1778 map of Cassini, the place bears the gorgeous name of l’Orte (from latin: the spring, the renewal, the beginning). The vine was doing poorly, abandoned for years. Yet it had two assets, great quality “merlot petit grain” planted 6.5 x 5 ft. And thanks to the nearby Fontcalel spring, the plot never suffered hydric stress, even under the raging sun of the South of France. We launched analysis for the soil, the vineyard rehabilitation took three years.The first harvest took place in September 2010.

Here was our renewal, our beginning, Chante Cocotte was just born.