la Cocotte Blanche

Our white wine is named la Cocotte Blanche.

We are producing very little quantities and our vine is so old…It’s a blend. Hundred years old. Back then it was “planted for the vat”, the mix was made straight by the tree. Our is made from Maccabeu Grenache Gris and Grenache Blanc. Planted circa 1910, these vines are bent giants on this rough land of marble and dust that we call “le Mourrel”. Hundred years…Harvested at dawn in a few hours in the light of lamps, it is thrown straight away in the tiniest wine-press (8hl).

Mr Bernard has a soft spot for white wine. He is well known in the area o turn grapes into wine with great skills. He found Burgundian barrels for his darling that lend the wine a surprising softness…

La Cocotte Blanche 2017 is available at the end of February 2019