Chante Cocotte is divided between three plots, located on the geological map #1060, indexed Capendu, in two distinct areas South-East of Fontcouverte.
The first one, from the quaternary, is annotated “Formation de versant C.F”
Colluvium and Alluvium from the glen. The second one, where our Grenache and hundred years old Maccabeu vines stand, is located on soil made of marble and sandy loam.The whole is located South-East of the Alaric mountain where rains slip for centuries, as indicated above. The mountain mellows the Sea winds while humidifying the foliage (the Mediterranean is only 22 miles away). The Alaric stops the North-West winds, “le Cers”, drying up the land in the afternoon.

The Jourre stream and the Fontcalel spring go across the landscape and save Chante Cocotte from the drought often suffered in the region.